Adwords Certification Exams – How to Max it? (part 2)

  • May 10, 2013

  • by Alok Singh

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Adwords Certification Exams – How to Max it? (part 2)

If you are preparing for an adwords certification, there are a lot of resources you can use, some of which are listed here. I have also prepared a list of sample questions below for the various exams. The question set is a good review set of questions for the various adwords exams.

Google Advertising Fundamental Exam

  • In "Impression" & "Reach, what is Reach?
  • If you want to reduce your avg. CPC then what should be the action plan?
  • Anny creates a Google AdWords ad for her company. She wants to avoid showing her ad when users search for free, cheap, or crack. How can she do this with a keyword match type?
  • Which tool allows you to specify certain hours or days of the week when you want your AdWords ads to appear?
  • Are demographic options available for campaigns that are only running on the Search network?
  • Is Display Network targeting required to run a mobile image ad?
  • What is the benefit of using Display ad builder?
  • Using phrases like "hurry!," "limited time," and "special offer" would impact the CTR?
  • Should we use standard banner ads as the opening image for video ad?
  • What should be your action plan if you find that interaction rates are declining for your video ad?

Search Advertising Advanced Exam

  • Does the quality score of your Display network affect the quality score of search network?
  • What would be the appropriate account access level to assign a co-worker who also needs to log onto the AdWords account to make changes and manage access levels?
  • Jenifer's immediate goal is to increase clickthrough rate what can be the most appropriate optimization strategies?
  • John is reviewing her Google AdWords account and notices that his ad has received a considerable amount of clicks. Upon further review, John realizes that on some days the amounts of clicks were considerably more than what his daily budget has allowed. What is the most likely reason of why this is happening?
  • Consider an advertiser that is trying to sell more designer dresses. The advertiser has identified keywords for the ad groups: designer dress, branded designer dresses, and designer shoes. Which keyword wouldn't be a good choice to include in the ad group designer dress?
  • How would an advertiser determine most profitable keywords within a campaign?
  • MCC user wants to link a new client account into MCC, what will be the first step in order to start the process?
  • An API user of a given AdWords account is not able to view that account thru AdWords interface, the likely reason could be?
  • What is the benefit of using AdWords editor?

Display Advertising Advanced Exam

  • What is a benefit an advertiser gets only if they have separate campaigns for the search and the display network?
  • When using keyword targeting on the display network, an ad's position is dictated by the maximum CPC of the ad group and…………..?
  • Which of the following bidding options is best suited to an advertiser focusing on branding?
  • One benefit of placement targeting on the Google display network is?
  • An advertiser is not interested in branding, but primarily in getting cost effective conversions from a display campaign. The advertiser should use….?
  • Which of these techniques you can use to ensure that your display ads do not appear on less relevant sites?
  • Which of the following is only available for ads created using display ad builder?
  • What is a possible reason why a maximum CPA set by the advertiser be exceeded?

Reporting & Analysis Advance Exam

  • Your customer wants you to create a Google AdWords report that will show them how many times the ads were shown and the actual cost-per-click rate. What type of report can you create for the client?
  • An advertiser enabled conversion optimizer & notices decrease in number of conversions, what can be the possible reason?
  • Up to _____ different conversion tracking types can be set up, with different monetary values assigned to each one?
  • Which report in analytics helps advertiser to identify which pages should be optimized?
  • Which AdWords tool allow user to view statics on keywords in account like cost & CTR?
  • Which adwords feature is compatible with conversion optimizer?
  • A visitor clicks on an AdWords ad and purchases a gadget. The next day they return by typing the website address into their browser address bar, and then make another purchase (this time a different gadget). How are the conversions measured in AdWords?

I hope you find going through these questions helpful.

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