Does SEO Still Exist in 2013?

  • Jun 19, 2013

  • by luv Arora

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Does SEO Still Exist in 2013?

SEO tactics & processes to improve rankings are diverting to impress users online; promoting website link on various low quality websites are leading to spamming and are resulting in getting out of search engines. SEO has died, but with only obsolete techniques of getting positioning on search engines. Most of businesses have lost their rankings on Google due to having back links on:

  • Low Quality free web directories
  • Poor Bookmarking sites
  • Unlimited Keyword anchor tagging
  • Low quality content promotion
  • Useless blog commenting
  • Paid links

Quality guidelines for off page activities will surely help in avoiding any upcoming updates from Google. Following things must be kept in mind before submitting your valuable link:

  • Relevance of linking page
  • Domain/linking page authority
  • Indexation, backlinks & cache of linking page
  • Content(adult content, etc) of linking website
  • Relevance of links placed on linking page/domain
  • Class C IPs, redirections to other URLs, Domain name etc
  • Particular keywords anchor tagging

What else we can do? Content marketing!

Google has been detecting link spam for the past few years and will definitely continue with it. Content marketing is now the only major part of the best SEO technique which will survive longer and maintain your website on SERPs.

Research will help you to build editorial plan for the website and promotional plan will increase your readers.

Following points can be kept in mind while creating content:

  • Correct Keywords research
  • Relevancy to the business
  • Competitors content research
  • Controversies and popularity of hot topic on search engines
  • Check Google trends for your keyword
  • Targeted audience

Now, content marketing plan is not only submitting your links randomly on third sites but proper planning is required to impress your readers & then moving them to your website.

  • Content must be placed on relevant websites
  • Try to give references of informative sites
  • Do not try to focus on marketing your link
  • Linking websites must be of high quality and having high domain authority
  • Follow sites which are related to your business

Here are following processes of doing content marketing:

  • Guest blogs on top sites
  • Press releases
  • Blogging on top blogs sites
  • Submitted content sharing with users on social media sites
  • Presentation sharing
  • White paper sharing
  • Infographics
  • Videos Promotions

So, all the best to marketers!

Conclusion: A decade ago, SEO was just a process of getting back links from any website but after latest updates from Google, quality has become the major concern. Google is strict in linking spam and delisting websites which link to low quality sites. Proper quality plans are required to maintain website positioning and winning trust of Google

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