Custom Development

Your product is different from others and so is your process. We create custom web applications which integrate your process, and internal and external customers on a single platform.

Digital Transformation

On your way to digital transformation, you are often faced with the challenge of integrating old legacy systems with newer platforms. At Envigo, we are committed to creating smartly architected, swift solutions which take into account your current and future needs.

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  • APIs

    From developing APIs for your existing systems to integrating already-exposed APIs into newer systems, we do it all in a scalable fashion. Our team has plenty of experience in delivering applications which require on-demand scale.

  • Third-Party Integrations

    Like internal systems, third-party services also play a major role in ensuring the smooth functioning of your processes. We have experience in integrating popular CRMs such as Saleforce, Zoho, Contact Hero and Freshdesk.

  • Process Automation

    Technology-enabled automation of complex business processes can streamline a business, boost efficiency, improve delivery, and contain costs. We have created our own solution for workflow automation. Have a look.

  • Technologies

    We have created custom solutions using PHP, .NET, NodeJS and Java. We strive to find the right technology and solution to fit into your current technology stack or to build it from scratch.

How Do We Do It?

We focus on creating optimal technological solutions to serve your internal and external customers.

We have extensive experience in creating robust, efficient, and scalable solutions. During digital transformation, we help you define the right governance for both people and processes.

  • Focus on Process

    We fully understand your process, find places where technology can optimise the process, and build solutions to support your established business objectives.

  • End-to-End Evaluation

    We devise solutions which not only focus on technology but also on the business requirements such as identity management, role management, security, hosting, infrastructure, analytics and reporting.

  • Human-Centric Tech Approach

    We always prioritize user experience over technology. We don’t try to fit in the newest technology for the sake of it. Our technology choices are driven by ease of use for your staff and customers. We help you establish a clear cost/benefit rationale for investing in the solutions we build or recommend.

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We are a team of dedicated professionals who approach work with an inquisitive mindset. Adept at learning and unlearning, we help you create better digital experiences for your customers.


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