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We are an SEO agency focussed on results

SEO success in 2020 will need the right content (meaning, engagement and value), link popularity (ethical, result oriented) and technical SEO correctness.

We create a detailed plan based on a thorough site and market review. We work through a prioritised list of technical SEO optimisation, hard to get the highest impact on SEO, with minimal changes. SEO remains a moving target, and being a professional SEO agency, we work iteratively to create a well-prioritised SEO improvement roadmap.

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  • Local SEO

    Winning at local search results as a global SEO company requires different game-plans. Local SEO is acting as a catalyst for businesses online growth due to rising trend of voice queries & nearby searches. Existing clients get to preview Vicinus - our own local listing platform for managing local listings performance to ensure consistency of NAP on various platforms like Google, Facebook & Bing.

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  • Tech SEO

    We work iteratively to create a well-prioritised SEO focussed content improvement roadmap. Content improvements will include ideas for existing pages, new pages and for new content types - all based on a deep understanding of your website visitors and thorough keyword research. The plan includes new keywords to work on, meta tag improvements, and also voice search optimisation ideas and microdata

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  • Mobile SEO

    With mobile first index as Google’s first choice, we ensure your website is crawling & indexing well on mobile. Mobile optimisation includes lighter HTML pages (AMP pages), responsive site, fast page loading, localised search results, higher visitor retention rates, and reduced bounce rates.

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  • Digital PR and outreach

    Our SEO agency assist you in publishing news to reputed PR websites as per your budget & collaborate with industry influencers for publishing posts on high traffic generating websites. This brings brand awareness & improves referral traffic to the website.

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  • SEO audit and strategy

    We provide SEO audit services (free for new clients and part of the regular offering for existing clients). The SEO Audit includes a peer group comparison on various SEO factors for your website - Keyword performance, Website footprint, inbound links, technical factors. It also includes a list of top SEO problems (if any) faced by your website.

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  • Search Console Management

    Monitor regularly your search console important notifications along with the solutions, website progress in terms of clicks, impressions & CTR. Review & check links to your site to disavow any spam links before Google penguin penalty hits your website.

  • SEO Project Reporting

    A regular tracker with a performance dashboard, (ranks and traffic), status of SEO web and content projects and future ideas helps you completely informed and in control.

Our approach to SEO

Our approach is based on thorough research on SEO, deep understanding of a business and prioritised goal-driven planning. We train ourselves on SEO factors and spend a lot of time understanding your website and your customers. The SEO plan has a set of tech improvements, keyword research, competitor insights, page and content ideas and also product ideas to foster differentiation.

Should you hire an SEO agency?

If you are considering a major change to the way SEO campaigns are managed in our organisation, it is prudent to evaluate using an SEO agency.

Can I do this on my own?

The answer to this question really depends on the bandwidth and skill available internally. SEO now requires several specialist skills - technical SEO, content strategy, link acquisition, web analytics and AB testing. Do you have all these skills? If not, using an external vendor to fill in the gaps might be a good idea.

Does SEO underdeliver

In case the current website SEO is not as good as competitor websites, a review and revamp of your current approach might be required. SEO agencies usually provide a complementary SEO audit which can help you spot any opportunities that you may have missed.

Monitoring SEO performance

You need to have internal bandwidth for SEO. At the minimum, the internal resources should be monitoring SEO performance. The impact of SEO is easy to track - keyword ranks; traffic, revenue and bounce rate of SEO traffic are good metrics to use. It is much more complicated to isolate the impact of any single SEO change when multiple changes are going to happen. This situation is further complicated when there is an SEO agency involved.

Long term outlook

Do not hire an SEO agency if you need a short term revenue uplift. SEO takes time to show results; and unethical for an SEO agency to promise otherwise.

How to select an SEO agency?

It is important to find the right SEO partner. SEO is an ongoing activity, with benefits accruing in the medium to long term. A good SEO partner can prove to be an asset of considerable value in the long run.

Existing customers, reviews and testimonials

Assessing the previous work by the SEO agency and get more information about their approach to SEO. Contacting past clients, reviewing testimonials and analysing past results with the prospective agency should create a greater sense of trust between both parties.


SEO is an ‘art’ and SEO agencies will have a playbook of SEO tactics. A good SEO agency should be quite open about their approach and their tactics. This is because Google Search has been increasingly open about good SEO practices. A good agency should always be able to back up its tactics using past results, and Google webmaster guidelines.


You should ask for transparent pricing and deliverables. Pricing can also be modular - as there might be certain components of SEO (Technical SEO, Campaigns, Content) might need to be dialed up based on business needs.

Review experience in the market and industry

Create a checklist of what can be achieved in a campaign and how exactly is your money being spent. A good SEO agency will plan this and work towards your target KPI’s. Make sure that any links gained are not manipulated in any way. Also, ensure that the agency has varied skills and offers multiple services to its clients.

Do not get locked in

When you are starting with an agency, do not get locked into a 12 month contract.

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Get a technical assessment of your website, absolutely free!

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