Google Analytics

Measure ROI and conversion rates for all your digital campaigns through a unified Google Analytics platform.

Turn Data Insights into Actions

We define success and measure performance with several web analytics solutions, including Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, and Google 360 suite. Our analytics consulting services assist you in transforming website data into digital marketing activities, and hence optimizing success in the digital channel.

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  • Analytics tracking

    Migrate your website from legacy code to tag manager or setup new tag management solution for faster tracking deployment.

  • Conversion rate optimization

    Improve your marketing campaign conversion rates through A/B testing and purchase path optimization, therefore, increases your ROI significantly.

  • Google Analytics audit and consultation

    Explore the full potential of your analytics account and get accurate information through our certified analytics experts.

  • Advanced tracking and configuration

    Gain insights in-depth from cross-device user id implementation, e-commerce (basic and enhanced), funnel/goals setup, in-page analytics, and campaign tracking.

  • Custom data filtering

    Refined data through customized dashboard setups, automated alerts, and segmentation help you focus more on business goals.

  • Website monitoring and reporting

    Regular monitoring of navigation analysis, funnel abandonment, goals conversion rate, and KPI translates into an overall improved performance.

Why is it so important?

Align reporting with business objectives, thus better utilization of resources

Uncover new growth opportunities

Minimize risks of failure through real time performance monitoring, consumer behaviour, and trends

How do we do it?

Stumbling upon the success gaps, through a detailed understanding of business objectives and 24/7 consultation support make us more reliable in successfully implementing analytics solutions.

  • Analysis of Requirements

  • Documentation

  • Testing

  • Deployment and Reporting

What do you get?

Our proven expertise in Google Analytics will assist you in minimizing the redundancy of data and take advantage of the below-listed features for effective customer understanding.

  • Goals and funnel setups
  • E-commerce tracking
  • Site search queries
  • Campaign measurement
  • A/B Testing
  • Cross domain tracking
  • Dashboards and Custom reports
  • User Flow visualization
  • Cross-device tracking
  • CTA buttons tracking
  • Forms tracking
  • Banners/Images Tracking
  • Videos Tracking

Get started with your free Analytics Audit

Get an assessment of your analytics account, absolutely free!

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