Google 360 Suite

Empower your business marketing strategies with advanced data-driven analytics

Measure your optimisation efforts with analytics 360

Understand when, why, and how your audience buys from or engages with you to have a complete or “360 degrees” view of your operations and customers.

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  • Conversion rate optimization

    Improve site conversions and ROI of your business through the latest ROI analysis report and optimize your campaigns accordingly.

  • Migration/Upgrade from other web analytics solutions to GA360

    Recommended if the website is generating more than 1 million hits.

  • Data integration with CRM

    Integrate your analytics 360 with offline sales data and build remarketing strategies.

  • Implementation audit and support

    24/7 support in analytics implementation and bug fixing for e-commerce sales data issues and funnel setup issues.

  • Custom Reporting

    Custom tables, custom funnels, custom dimension, custom metrics, dashboard setups, dashboards in data studio, and custom data-driven attribution models.

Why do you need a Google Analytics 360 suite?

  • In case you require cross property roll-up reporting

  • Integration requirement with CRM or Google Drive to better understand your audience behaviour

  • More accuracy on data with unsampled reporting, if data volume capacity is more than 10 million hits per month

  • Query time processing of fresh data

  • More number of property, views, and custom dimensions/metrics are required

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