Facebook Live- The Game Changer

  • Apr 29, 2016

  • by luv Arora



Facebook Live- The Game Changer

Facebook launched its live streaming service, Facebook live is now available to public after testing the feature among verified pages and celebrities for the past few months. People can now finally broadcast live videos on Facebook and see other people’s comments and reactions.

The good part about Facebook live is, it being a built in feature in the main Facebook app and not like Twitter- owned Periscope where users must use leave twitter and use the other app to engage/interact.

‘Facebook Live’ as Mark mentioned on his Facebook Page is like having a camera in your pocket. Anyone with a smartphone has the power to go live and broadcast anyone in the world.

This is something that could challenge big online video companies as well as TV players because Mark’s aim is to change the way people consume live content. Facebook Live seems like something cool and wait & watch kinds because livestreaming is still at a nascent stage and normal users still have to discover its full potential.

Facebook may not be the first platform that attempts a disruption of live stream system, but they will be the first with the appropriate scale that can leave behind T.V. & give a bigger audience opportunity that the usual cable networks. With Facebook’s current user base and combining it with Live video, brands can transition better from less personal to more authentic content

The whole internet industry will be watching how Facebook Live fares.

Small Business

A few years back, a live broadcast was a costly exercise but not someone can just pull out their phone and go live. This will be a boon for small businesses as these live videos drive 10x more comments which is great for a small business for traction and promotion of their business.

Facebook v/s Youtube

We’ve had a ton of proof about Facebook running for the top spot in the video domain in the form of features like autoplay, size of a Facebook video in comparison to YouTube. But, with launching Facebook Live for the public it has made sure that Youtube and other guys in the video domain begin looking for innovative ways to stay in the game.

With over a billion users and more with other standalone services like Instagram, Whatsapp etc, Facebook can storm into any online content domain and steal the throne.


YouTube vs Facebook just got way more interesting with this.

To be sure that people just do not limit themselves the live broadcasts just to themselves, Facebook will be adding an option to send an invite to a friend so that he/she can watch you right from the live video.

You just have to tap on the invite icon and select the friend to send the invite to and he/she will get a notification for the same. This helps Facebook with better engagement and word of mouth than just limiting to feature aware users.

Also to top it up, Facebook is also introducing a dedicated place in their app where you can check out live videos that the whole world is talking about and also by your Facebook friends & creators you like. You can also search for live and non-live videos and choose to go live by yourself.

Facebook is also rolling out Live in groups which allows you to go live in Facebook Events and Facebook Groups.

Live in groups helps with going live to a particular audience in the group who is part of that group. This can help in family interactions as well as helping out with business meetings.

Live in Events is the real game changer. It means you can go live from an event/party and allow people to be part of the fun who were not able to attend the event. You can also give a sneak peek to the event to the people who are RSVP’d.

It can also be a great way to schedule a live question and answer session.

Getting positive reviews for their reaction emoticons has made Facebook bring the same ability to Facebook Live too.

Users can now select Wow, Sad, ha-ha or Angry while watching something live and the reactions will animate right on the video. This will give a viewer an essence of how people are feeling about the video at different moments.

Soon in the coming few months, you will be able to doodle or draw on your video while being live too.

The feature can be an industry changer, given the constant evolution of content consumption being inclined to video content. It’s the golden age of video content, it’s not just about the celebrities and big media companies like Buzzfeed, Scoopwhoop using it but also about it being used by young people and teens to tell more about themselves by going live.

Let’s see if Live stays alive.

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