Appily Ever After

  • Oct 19, 2016

  • by Pooja Sardana

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Appily Ever After

The apps rule my life! and why shouldn’t they. I have yet come across a bigger driver for convenience in the modern day lifestyle. I wake up to quick news in my palm, without having to check if the paper turned up and survived the rain, with my news apps; I can produce proof that I actually ran 3 days last week than be called out for over claiming exercise, with my running apps; I know exactly which vaccine is due for each kid on exactly which day because my baby manager apps; my groceries get delivered without my having to disturb the meeting that ends at 7pm - app again; i never forget birthdays, i make shopping trips in elevators, get a cab the minute the diver calls in sick, have prettier pictures, keep in touch with the furthest friend .. the list is endless. But the real happily ever after for me was our experience with Google Maps. Every international trip had those moments when the husband and i would question the very basis of our marriage because i would be navigating with the map while he would be driving in the city. With all the worries about driving on the correct side, making sure weren’t going on a No Entry street and making sure that the street names matched the ones on the map, fights were bound to break out. The “You have arrived at your destination” of google maps, have been the sweetest words while driving abroad!

So, is my life fully covered? Not really, here are four apps that I am waiting for, for my Appily Ever After...

 Kids' Visual Encyclopaedia - anyone who has little kids knows the number of ‘what flower is this’, 'what bird is that’ that can pepper your day. A visual encyclopaedia that uses the camera to identify and match the object in question to the answer, would be a boon to many a parent. 

Recipe Maker - the only thing worse than - ‘didi, aaj kya banana hai?’ (what should i cook today), is to find you have no ingredients for what you thought was going to be the menu for the day. Instead the fridge is full of an eclectic collection of bell peppers, cauliflower and assorted leaves. Matching the menu and the ingredients gets me on the wrong foot every time. So an app that would churn out 1-2 recipes basis what i say is in my kitchen - voila!

Self and Social Responsibility - if I got a tenner for every-time someone asked where to donate old clothes and the like on FB….In our consumerist use and throw life-style, I have a pile of clothes and toys and other household items that I would gladly give away for free just to reclaim the space in my house. Handing things over to the help every-time is not an option, she will start taking me for granted. So an app that locates a Goonj or another relevant donation centre next to me, picks up the cartons, and delivers them for a fee would work wonderfully for me. Bad name, but good idea. 

Recycling  - in a bid to change aforementioned life-style, an app that guides me to all things re-cycling in my neighbourhood. Where to get things that are re-cycled, a re-cycling idea for the day and making social heroes of people who post having implemented the idea could well be the way to a better world. 

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