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Mobile SEO is more important than ever because it enhances user experience on-the-go.

At Envigo, we help your website rank high in mobile search. With Google’s indexing algorithm update in Nov 2016, the mobile website version is now being used as a primary index to rank and index a website. This has increased the weightage of all mobile site related factors. Our goal is to use Google mobile SEO ranking factors to your advantage. We do mobile usability analysis to ensure your mobile website content is easily accessible to users.

We tailor your content to fit the need of your audience keeping in mind that voice search is becoming popular on mobile due to constraints like small screen size, difficultly in entering data, difficult loading media files, poor connectivity. We offer more personalized shopping experience by helping your users connect with your business by helping them connect on click. For enhanced mobile SEO call us today.

mobile seo services

mobile usability analysis

Is your content easily accessible to mobile users from various devices and screen sizes.

crawling and indexing

Getting your mobile site indexed and crawled by mobile search crawlers is important. Our mobile SEO consultants help configure your site for smaller screens. Then ensuring correct mobile site configuration for proper indexing and crawling. We help create mobile XML sitemap, mobile robots, mobile website tags like view port, rel="alternate", implement correct header responses for mobile request.

For choosing the right mobile configuration for your website call us today.

mobile load speed analysis

Mobile page speed is crucial and needs to be optimised. This includes optimization of code, content, images and videos. Keeping your assets crawlable irrespective of the configuration chosen helps in Mobile UX optimization.

mobile meta data

Mobile meta data optimization is mandatory. You cannot add too many info nor show different info on desktop and different on mobile. Optimising for keywords like “nearby” and “near me” is important.

semantic markup

Semantic markup for mobile content helps in ranking. We help implement markups for reviews, ratings, local businesses, products for rich snippet that generate high CTR.

AMP pages

We help creating fast loading AMP Accelerated Mobile Pages that help your site appear in amp carousel.


Envigo help in progressive web apps optimization for fast mobile browsing. Take PWA with Envigo to create a single version website/app for distribution across all devices without any delay.

fixing mobile errors

We fix smartphone/mobile crawl errors that include mobile 404 errors, interstitials errors, faulty redirects and AMP errors.

mobile SEO based on user locale

Locale (language + location) is important for providing correct results for user queries. We help you serve your customers better by optimizing mobile pages in terms of design for quick navigation and access, focused keywords, content and getting customer reviews.

measure ROI

To gain insight via mobile analytics data and improve your customer prospects we delve deep into mobile analytics, understand your customers journey and improve mobile ROI.

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