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envigo strongly recommends migration to the Google Tag Manager because it improves the tag deployment process. With GTM, the focus shifts mainly towards collecting data as deployment and version control become much easier. Apart from which, there is adequate amounts of support for any customisation that you may require. Bug fixing and rollback of tags also becomes much faster.

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gtm deployment

We carefully audit your existing implementation and create a migration plan based on it. The auditing ensures complete continuity of your data capture onto a data layer. The data layer is then moved onto the GTM driven implementation.

e-commerce tracking

Through the e-commerce tracking feature on GTM, we create multiple tags that can monitor various aspects of your business. This includes revenue and sales information, product funnel reports, marketing tracking of various partners, landing page tracking, as well as 3rd party tracking.

custom events

With event tracking, we help you understand your customer interactions on your website. Using GTM, we create custom event trackers, such as for landing page improvements, form tracking, support for page redesign, etc. We will even create custom triggers to capture these actions the moment they occur.

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