2019 SEO Insight

  • Feb 12, 2019

  • by Rakhi Chowdhary

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2019 SEO Insight

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), along with social media marketing, is amongst the most popular methods to get more traffic for a website. If you want to see your company page feature right on top of Google search results, employing SEO techniques is just the way to go about it. However, your SEO strategies must evolve with the ever-changing needs of consumers. If you wish to obtain more traffic for your website in 2019, here are four tips you must follow.

Move Beyond Google Search

SEO isn’t just about optimising content for Google search. The largest brands are transforming and becoming multi-faceted in their SEO approach. They obtain high rankings on platforms other than Google searches, thus generating more traffic for their websites. To achieve higher SEO success outcomes, create the best content for various forms of media interfaces - apps, videos, pictures, audio clips, articles, etc. The best results can be expected when the search experience is optimised keeping the user’s needs and the platform in mind. 

Recognise User Intent

According to experts, knowing your audience is going to be even more important in 2019. The content you create must be optimised according to their needs. Instead of prioritising the usage of certain keyword phrases like in the past, you must now create content that thoroughly answers the questions being asked by users through the search queries. This is because recently, Google has shifted its focus from keywords to the semantical intent of a query. To further enhance the user experience, you could predict follow-up queries that users might have and provide answers to the same.

Create Outstanding Content

Google’s insights in 2018 made it clear that the quality and depth of content is gaining greater prominence. Websites that consistently received high rankings offered excellent content in terms of quality and websites with poor quality content plummeted on rankings. Experts believe that this trend will follow in 2019. If your content doesn’t fare well on quality and focuses too much on keyword usage or stuffing, it is likely that your page won’t rank well on Google. Focus on quality instead of the quantity of posts. Generally, a post is expected to obtain a high rank if it does at least one of the following:

  • Solve a problem
  • Motivate and empower people
  • Connect with people
  • Help with link building (for SEO)

Gain Your Audience’s Trust

Another crucial trend to focus on in 2019 is the importance placed by Google on expertise, authority, and trustworthiness. Together, they are known as the E-A-T in Google’s search quality rating guidelines. You must place emphasis on establishing and expanding these three qualities of your brand. This will help your brand earn a great reputation, which would allow you to rank higher when creating reliable content. To rapidly develop the E-A-T qualities, you may:

  • Take the help of professional experts for writing content
  • Use statistics obtained from well-established entities

Practice On-page Optimisation

Even though this is a relatively older tip than the previous ones, experts believe it will continue to hold good in 2019. On-page optimisation strategies are still generating positive results. Given below are a few on-page optimisation techniques that you must implement on your brand’s website to yield good rankings:

  • Create content that provides solutions to common problems
  • Internal searches on your website must be accurate
  • For e-commerce websites, repeat customers should be allowed to load common products easily
  • Customer care must provide quick responses
  • Use chatbots for basic and general questions
  • Navigation to different locations must be easy for users

If your site enhances your audience’s experience, you’ll be rewarded by Google and your visitors will invest in your brand. This can be done by implementing the aforementioned tips. Adopt these strategies to rank well on Google and generate greater organic traffic to your web assets.

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