Facebook – Get yourself Liked and Make your Presence Felt

  • Nov 20, 2013

  • by luv Arora

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Facebook – Get yourself Liked and Make your Presence Felt

Mark Zuckerburg, Facebook's proud CEO, can be regarded as the real 'media mogul' in the social media industry today. Clearly, the most famous and the largest social network on internet, Facebook helps optimise your business's presence and enhance your visibility. In layman's terms, Facebook revolves around getting yourself 'Liked' and getting connected with whosoever you like or want.

With the ever evolving Facebook interface, it's sometimes tough to keep up and sort out what's important for your business. This may or may not impact your business's efforts to engage with vibrant communities, reaching a wider audience and ultimately communicating efficiently.

Businesses may consider the following components in order to optimise their Facebook presence and for their brand to strive:

Update often and in real time

Search results are updated according to the content and fresh signals that company updates. Your account remains alive with your active participation.

Accentuate your brand, company keywords

Make sure that the most important keywords are the ones related to your company and brand. Staying true to what you do and who you are will help your search results.

Use images aptly

Images and photos make your content on Facebook look attractive. Including images in your content strategy is always advantageous.

Build external links to your facebook page

Ensuring that you link your Facebook pages from your other social media accounts, your blogs, and websites will turn out to be fruitful for your business.

Use relevant keywords in your status updates and descriptions

Stuffing too many keywords in your statuses and descriptions might annoy your audience and you never want to do that. Use keywords judiciously.

Enable 'Like', 'Recommend' and 'Share' buttons at all appropriate places

Liking, recommending or sharing contents or links is the primary aspect of Facebook. Make sure you add 'Like' buttons directly on your website and content. Posting updates that generate action in the form of comments and likes helps your business boost its visibility.

You can make your presence felt on the biggest social networking platform having over a billion active users. Follow these simple steps, some of which you may have already applied and reap the benefits of mass reach. Optimise your Facebook presence for both external search and internal visibility! Next post will deal with Twitter – how the world of social networking, microblogging, tweets and more can help your business grow!

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