Digital Marketing Courses you Need to Consider Taking

  • Jun 22, 2020

  • by Saurabh Kumar

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Digital Marketing Courses you Need to Consider Taking

Approximately 58% of the businesses have experienced a decrease in the turnover since the start of the pandemic. The on-going pandemic has forced people to rethink the way they are functioning. Whether it’s entertainment, education, or promoting businesses, everything has witnessed a paradigm shift. With almost everything closed down and no offline marketing strategies in place, it has been imperative to rethink the business model by fast-tracking digital transformation. A lot of brands such as L’Oreal have increased the share of digital marketing channels from 50% to 70% since the start of the pandemic. This signals that digital marketing is the way to go.

Rethinking the Digital Marketing Strategies

The COVID-19 pandemic will have a lasting impact on the marketers, making it important to create an agile marketing strategy. As the web usage increased by 19.7% between January and March, the tried and tested digital marketing methods will not be enough to survive the new normal. Marketers need to unlearn what they know and reskill themselves to create agile marketing strategies and level up their expertise to make the right decisions. This is where digital marketing courses can be of great help. Depending on your expertise, you can choose from basic or advanced courses.

Digital Marketing Courses for Beginners

Multiple online courses are available that help you understand the different components of digital marketing. Online education companies, such as Udemy, provide both free and paid digital marketing courses for beginners. Some of the courses that you can opt for are:

Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

Master the basic skills of digital marketing with our free Interactive Advertising Bureau-accredited course. The course prepared by Google trainers is filled with practical exercises and real-world examples that will help you turn your knowledge into action.

Duration: 40 hours

Cost: Free

Modules: 26

Digital Marketing Certification

The course is ideal for learning about SEO, Google Ads, and Analytics. The course is designed for beginners, however, the knowledge it provides is quite advanced. The course is full of tips, tricks, and tested methods to help you become an expert in digital marketing and online advertising. Blogging, Social Media, Google Ads, SEO, Google Analytics, E-commerce Optimization, and Conversion Optimization are included in this course. Find more details about the course here.

Duration: 3 Hours

No. of Lectures: 14

Rating: 4.2 (1,495) reviews

Cost: INR 720

The Complete Digital Marketing Boot Camp

This is an ideal course for anyone planning to get a comprehensive idea about the marketing world. Ideal for people planning to kick-start their digital marketing activities, the course can help you set up result-worthy campaigns on platforms like Google, Facebook, and YouTube. Find out more about the course here.

Duration: 3 hours

No. of Lectures: 69

Rating: 4.2

Cost: INR 700

Inbound Digital Marketing Course by HubSpot Academy

A unique online platform, HubSpot Academy’s Inbound Digital Marketing class consists of the basics of inbound marketing, landing pages, conversion, and email marketing. The class also serves as an online SEO course that helps beginners understand the ways to improve Google page rankings. Find more about the course here.

Duration: 4:12 hours

No. of Lectures: 10

Cost: Free

Advanced Digital Marketing Courses

If you already know the basics of digital marketing, it’s time to brush up your skills with an advanced course in digital marketing. Advanced courses give an in-depth understanding of the most important digital marketing domains. Some of the courses for which you can enroll are:

Digital Marketing Masterclass-23 Courses in 1

The digital marketing masterclass helps you learn how to use different proven digital marketing strategies for the success of your business. An ideal course for business owners, bloggers, YouTubers, and social media fans, the course teaches proper techniques and strategies that are used in the real world. Find out more about the course here.

Duration: 33 hours

No. of Lectures: 323

Cost: INR 455

Rating: 4.4

VIP Digital Marketing Master Course

A course that will help you be an expert in Instagram marketing, Facebook, SEO, Google ads, YouTube, Email, and Mailchimp. The course focuses on building professional marketing agencies, increasing sales, and mastering the creation of advanced websites. Find out more about the course here.

Duration: 65 hours

No. of lectures: 472

Cost: 462

Digital Branding and Engagement

Learn the tips and tricks of increasing digital branding and engagement to take your business to the next level. The course teaches how to shift and alter the way your brand communicates with the target audience. Find out more about the course here.

Duration: 3-4 hours per week

Cost: Free

The Complete Digital Marketing Course-12 Courses in 1

Suitable for all types of businesses, this is one of the most comprehensive digital marketing courses for beginners. The course is highly interactive with a lot of projects, checklists, and actionable lectures in every section. The course covers 12 major online marketing topics which includes Market Research, WordPress, email marketing, Copywriting, and SEO to name some. You can find more details here.

Duration: 23.5 hours

No. of Lectures: 256

Rating: 4.4 (102,543)

Cost: INR 700

The Bottom Line

 The pandemic has brought about a lot of changes and had a huge impact on the marketing strategies. As the traditional offline marketing is taking a back seat, it is necessary to scale up your skills to stay ahead of your competitors. Enrolling for a digital marketing course is one of the best ways to acquire new skills to establish as a successful marketing expert.

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