Best Practices in Quora Marketing for B2B Companies

  • Aug 04, 2020

  • by Harsh Sagar

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Best Practices in Quora Marketing for B2B Companies

B2B companies depend heavily on lead generation to survive and also stay ahead of their competitors. When businesses get the right leads, everything falls in place. They can promote the product in front of the decision-makers and convert them into sales. However, crossing the hurdle of generating high-quality leads that convert is tougher than it seems. While B2B companies use many marketing strategies, they tend to miss out on an important lead generation channel- Quora. Though Quora marketing is not a new concept, only a few B2B businesses prepare a strategy to generate leads using this platform.   

What is Quora and Why is it Important for B2B Business?

Quora is a social site where people ask, answer and follow questions. The platform has questions and answers for just about any topic, industry, niche or subject. A unique community-driven platform launched in 2009, Quora soon gained popularity and has found its place on Amazon Alexa’s list of top 500 websites around the world. Users on Quora can Upvote answers that they find useful and reliable. This is a very unique feature of Quora, which sets it apart from other Q&A platforms such as Reddit and Yahoo Answers. The combination of some of the best features of platforms makes Quora an ideal destination for B2B lead generation.

But, how will Quora help B2B businesses generate leads? People on Quora are always searching for products or feedback about a particular brand, product or service. B2B businesses can leverage this opportunity by answering questions that are relevant to their business and subtly promote their services. For instance, hyperlinking the relevant product or service can attract warm leads that are more likely to convert to sales. The warm leads have a higher chance of clicking on a link to know more about the products or services.

Ways to Generate B2B Leads Through Quora

Quora offers businesses ample opportunity to create a niche for their brand and spread awareness. So, if a B2B business is planning to use Quora to generate leads, here are some useful tips they can follow.

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Quora profile optimization

Quora profiles are quite similar to LinkedIn. The information that is added to the Quora profile demonstrates expertise. Building credibility on platforms like Quora is important to gain the trust of people and generate leads as approximately 85% of the people depend on product reviews before making the final decision. Adding short but informative details such as education, work experience, role in the company, accolades achieved, information about the company and expertise can help in make the profile legit. However, too much of anything is bad and this rule also applies for Quora profile. Keep the intro simple, short, interesting and to the point.

Answer Industry-Specific Questions

Creating a powerhouse profile is not enough. Answering industry-specific questions that are relevant for the business can help in generating leads. When answering the questions on Quora, share accurate facts and information to increase the chance of generating leads. Talk like an industry expert who can understand the dilemma or problems faced by readers and empathise with them. Avoid using any random and vague information as such answers will not get any upvotes, which will affect profile credibility.

Follow Topics and Groups Relevant to your Business

Thousands of questions and answers are posted on Quora daily. Finding questions that are specific to the industry can be difficult in such a scenario. An easy way out is to follow the relevant topics and groups. This will help in keeping a track of the diverse questions and answers that have been posted in groups specific to the niche and community. Following relevant groups and topics, businesses are notified by Quora about the latest questions asked by any user, which can help in getting a warm lead.

Use Quora Traffic to Close Sales

Quora traffic can help in getting high-quality B2B leads, but it is the responsibility of the marketers to turn those leads into long-term customers to increase the revenue. But, what can marketers do to turn the leads into sales? This is where remarketing lists and ads can come to the rescue. Convincing leads to buy products or services on their 1st visit is difficult. Running remarketing ads on Facebook, Google and sending free email campaigns can grab the attention of the leads and convert them to sales.


A lot of marketers think that Quora is helpful only for B2C businesses, which is a myth. There are many ways to generate B2B leads and Quora is one of them. Following the steps mentioned above can help in getting high-quality B2B leads, which can be nurtured and turned into sales. However, handling the Quora profile, answering the industry-specific questions, following the trending topics can be difficult. B2B companies can take the help of experts such as Envigo, a digital marketing company with expertise in Quora marketing for B2B businesses. Visit us to find out more about our services.

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