2018 Digital Marketing Tools

  • Aug 27, 2018

  • by Saurabh Kumar

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2018 Digital Marketing Tools

Digital marketing engineers the modern business firms as well as the corporate start-ups. Therefore, the latest trends exhibit an exigency for leading digital marketing tools to aid the companies to market their existing business or to establish a new one. But with advanced gadgets mushrooming around the online markets, it becomes strenuous to cull the appropriate one for your commercial profit. In our latest post on the best digital marketing tools in 2018, we aim to make your task easier by classifying them into different categories that various corporate sectors engage in while selecting the best digital equipment.

Curated Content and Keyword Analysis Tools

Google Trends

It is a free web tool designed by Google which permits you to examine the analogous piles of search done on more than one term. This tool updates you on the existing familiarity of a trending topic, checks the seasonal surges in your market, and assess the influence of the keyword-research based on its search frequency.

Google Keyword Planner

A sub-branch of Google AdWords handle which is instrumental in the choice of keywords required to highlight and advertise your business. It responds to keyword research data analytics.


It is one of the popular tools for handling content discovery. It explores the internet for data based on search questions and reports in allegiance to several attributes inclusive of likes and shares on social media. It also gives the search results based on appropriate topic, author, or domain.


The most famous interactive social media hub since it offers content based on people’s reviews and votes. It is a cumulative website that best handles trending issues and identifies the topics crucial for an active campaign of marketing content.

Google Alerts

This notifies you about the change a content undergoes at any given time. Google emails you when it detects new outcomes like alterations in web pages, reviewed news articles, upcoming blogs, relevant scientific research, etc.

SEO Analysis Tools


It is a one-stop SEO tool to escalate your site’s traffic hike. It also evaluates the competitors’ web-traffic and handles your bottom-line. It reviews the backlinks activity, explores links’ scope, endorses keywords, and updates competitors advancement on web-traffic search.


It is the analytical tool for SEO utilized for the assemblage of data regarding the site’s search traffic, determination of hit-point keywords, and suggestion for optimization. This SEO checker delivers the trajectory of website ranking while comparing it with the competitor’s website, profitable for companies trading direct services. This is an advantage for web developers since it provides mechanical audit report.

SEM Rush

Competitors are giving your traffic a tough time? Use SEM Rush’s contribution to ease your load. It can aid in the evaluation of the corporate website as well as that of the competitor’s by obtaining data on attendance, advertising performances, and an estimated budget of the third-party web user.


It is one of the good SEO tools devised for the comparison purpose of data in countries like Ukraine because of the methodical nature of the information. It was preferentially devised to offer SEO utility like keyword search and backlink analysis.


A browser extension tool used to induce in more web traffic for your business links. It channels insights to comprehend, assess, and branch out the user’s contribution to digital marketing.

Screaming Frog

Does the inoperativeness in identifying the broken backlinks slow down your web traffic? Screaming Frog fixes this bug with its efficiency in detecting those links and identifying the obstacles for checking meta tags. It is a one of the best free SEO tools that assesses the bugging links and resolves the issues on time.

Traffic Analysis Tool

Google Analytics

is the SEO analysis tool that offers free as well as premium services. It ferrets through and provides details about the web traffic engaged in your website or social marketing platform. It gathers data on several specifications of the online involvement of the site with the clients.

Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager is an SEO mechanism that operates without any paid validity. You can achieve the following benefits with Google Tag Manager: administer your tag free of coding edits and actively collaborates with effective work sectors across the globe.

App Marketing Tool


Do you wish to design outstanding mobile strategies? AppAnnie provides you with the appropriate platform to cart all your requirements through its data channel. It is best for beginners in business start-ups. This app offers relevant information on downloads, finance analytics, reviews, usage, search words, etc. to compliment managerial strategy for app marketing and investment plans.

Social Media Tool

Facebook Analytics

If you are looking for an analytic SEO to establish a strong connection between your brand and the immediate client, then Facebook Analytics works like a charm. This is a free analytical handle, skillful enough to track the administration of the official page. This tool particularly tracks likes, page views, reach, and much more.


One of the popular social media tools for business handles and corporate purpose is Sprinklr. It is an allied managerial unit for all the official enterprises. It analyses data and reports to the user, in addition to planned publications. Also, it markets social media operations, advertises communicative ideas, active collaborations with fellow companies and media monitoring of social sites which is useful for large brands.


A social media tool on management, Hootsuite adapts the pattern of a dashboard through its interface and compliments the popular site of social advertisements like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Google Reporting Tool

Google Data Studio

Now decipher all the potential of your data required for interactive dashboards and invite reports on enhanced business outcomes with this SEO tool. You can overcome any unwelcoming bug in just three precise steps: import your external data, transfer the raw data, and witness the results.

Google Analytics URL Builder

Tagging the URLs with customized campaign variables becomes accessible with the Google Analytics URL Builder. Adopt this auto-generated tool for reporting as well as staying updated on the graphs of performance while keeping your clients well-informed too.

Digital Advertising

Google AdWords

It is devised to offer paid services to advertisers for promotions on Google. The major advantage is that it is highly efficient for beginners who want to promote their services and offers on one of the most popular search engines.

SEO Website Speed Test

You can adhere to Website Speed test for free services on analysis and online performance updates of your website. This tool measures the data rate based on reports from the users’ device and ultimately submits those test-based results to the user.

Email Marketing

Mail Chimp

Who wouldn’t want to associate with a premier email marketing tool to ease the task of sending automated emails? Mail Chimp is the best tool for this activity. System-generated email lists are handled competently with an accurate operation of the email campaigns.

Active Campaign

If your business is particular about e-commerce, advertisements, or specialized corporate cohorts, then Active Campaign is a professional hack invest in. This tool manages email charts, operates automatically with a CRM system, and is effective in SMS advertising.

Having said enough about the details and rewards of these marketing gadgets, taking the digital world by storm, we would recommend you take smart steps in obtaining the appropriate instrument to compete in the marketing world. May the marketing odds ever be in your favour!

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