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Finding the Right PPC bidding strategy

All businesses have different objectives and a bidding strategy suitable for one may not be applicable for another. Many a times a business can have varied goals to meet and therefore there is confusion. Google Adwords unlike any other platform has been working relentlessly to bring strategies to meet different goals of advertisers.

There are broadly two options in Adwords –

  • Manual 
  • Automated Strategies

    A Manual CPC Strategy that lets you decide maximum cost per click for your ads. Manual Strategy has more control on your bids but is time consuming since there is a constant need to update the CPC (Cost-per-Click) to meet the performance.

    Automated Bidding Strategies are big time savers. However, there is lesser control and is prone to errors if the rules are not set correctly. To select the most suitable automated option, the campaign goals are required to be analysed.

    1. Focus on viewable impressions

    When the Goal is to promote Branding by driving maximum ad impressions within targeted budgets. With viewable CPM (vCPM) bids, you only pay when your ad is seen by potential customers (when 50% of ad shows on screen for 2 secs or more for video ads and for one second or more for image ads). This strategy can be implemented only on Display campaigns.

    2. To maximise clicks

    Suitable for a campaign with objective of maximizing clicks within the available budget. This strategy is particularly helpful for marketers who want to drive more traffic to their sites. For example, information sites, forum, blogs etc.

    3. To drive conversions

    These cater to the most direct objective of any business which is to maximize conversions in the given budget. Conversions can be leads like Signups, Phone calls, Subscriptions or pure sale transactions like driving purchases from Ecommerce portals, booking flight or hotels from travel sites etc.

    There are two major Conversion strategies: CPA (Cost-per-Acquisition) Targeting and Enhanced CPC (Cost-per-Click) targeting.

    CPA Targeting helps to maximize the conversions within a maximum set price. For example, setting the Target CPA as ₹350 will direct the system to drive maxim

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