Channel management tool for an online travel agency

Ebookers - One of the world’s largest travel companies with brands in over 50 markets worldwide for one of its pan-European brands, which has presence in over 10 markets in Europe.

The Endeavour

The challenge was to integrate the brand’s on-ground product challenge across all channels with a strong focus on increasing awareness on digital media.

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The Enabling

The solution used a detailed process flow with various links with other business processes identified.

This main process steps were:

1. Partner acquisition

2. Digital signing of contracts

3. Sales tracking XML import

4. Commission and incentive management

5. Payment approvals

6. Market and user management

The End Result

Automation resulted in cost savings of around £ 125K per market per year. The client expects an increase in partner acquisition because the time taken to release payments from 50 days to 3 days. The client expects an increase in sales from the partner channel activity because of faster turnaround times, instant communication and better engagement with channel partners.