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View Through Conversions

View-through conversions is a metric inside Google AdWords which quantifies the number of conversions (Sales/Leads/Goals) that has happened when a user has seen your display campaign ad but have not clicked the ad. Only those views through counts which were converted within the window of 30 days are considered by the AdWords platform.

Through this metric one can quantify the performance of their display campaigns through the conversions are not direct but have been generated with the assistance of your ad which was shown to a user during their purchase journey on one of the sites on the Google Content Network.

View Through metric will only make sense when one has been using Display Campaigns extensively, probably for branding objective. When opting for a branding objective, you can actually see if the ads shown to the users have actually communicated any strong message about your brand or have persuaded any brand recall among the users. If yes, then that user might land on your website via some other source but was influenced via your display ads and hence the view through conversions get attributed the credit of purchase/action intent among the users.