an alphabetical list of words relating to a specific subject, text, or dialect.

A type of targeting that allows you to manually choose specific websites, videos, and apps on the Google display network to show your ads on.

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Marketing automation is category of technology which makes repeat, rule based tasks faster and easier. Marketing automation refers to the software that allows companies to streamline, automate and measures marketing tasks and workflows such as emails...

The meta description is an HTML tag which tells Google about a product/service. It is a brief snippet of a webpage content which allows users to get an idea about what they are going to find inside. Meta descriptions are useful in getting visitors fr...

A microblog is a web service that allows users to publish a shorter piece of content, targeted towards their subscribers.

An advertisement that displays only on mobile device. Mobile advertisements ranges from SMS to interactive advertisements (video/animation etc)

Mobile first approach to responsive design, as it sounds first designing for the smallest screen, then add more content and feature for bigger and bigger screens. Mobile first is also known as “progressive enhancement”. Mobile first strategy in web d...

A billing/payment option that allows you to open a line of credit with Google and pay for your ads on a monthly basis.

This is the percentage of time users mouse over an ad for one second or longer divided by the impressions.

A testing method that allows advertiser to use multiple combinations of ad text elements and/or landing page elements to test against each other to see which combination works the best.