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Link Juice

Link Juice is a colloquial theoretical construct which is used to explain the gain in the probability of being ranked in search results by a page from a link to that page.  A link is interpreted as a vote or recommendation towards the page site and is one of the most important factors in determining a page’s search ranks for various queries.  

Links aide pages get crawled and ranked and distribute inbound link juice. In other words, they distribute inbound link juice, or send link juice from the page they appear on to another page on the same website or to an external page on a different website. The link juice emanating from a page is directly proportional to the total link juice being passed to that page. The link juice of a single link is inversely proportional to the total number of outbound links from the page that link appears on.  

As the homepage is the most linked page on any website, links from the homepage would tend to have the highest ranking power, or link juice.  

Link Juice should be spread evenly rather than be concentrated on any particular page.  

The maximum number of links followed by Google from a web page is 1000, which means that the Link juice of the 1001st link is likely to be zero. (Links in the first thousand will also have their link juice close to zero because there are so many of them).  

Balanced link juice distribution help each page to rank better for relevant keywords.  

Link relevancy, authority, trust, distribution, position, and accessibility are some of the factors on which link juice depends.

Best Practices for interlinkinking:

• Try to acquire links for homepage as well as for inner pages from external sources

• Try to keep interlinking as natural as possible. Use relevant keywords to link to a particular page. Do not create irrelevant or repetitive links

• Build  nartual page hierarchy.  

• Try to keep all pages within 3 clicks from the home  

• Create HTML and XML sitemap and link from home page  

When is link juice passed to your site important?

• Page has content relevant to your site

• Page has high Domain Authority

• Page has relatively few outbound links

• Page contains quality content

• Page appears high in SERPs

• Page contains user-generated content

• Page with social media engagement

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