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Link Bait

Any content which is created in an attempt to get other websites to link to it, and is somewhat successful in doing so, can be called Link bait.  

Link bait is a powerful SEO tool that helps gain natural links to your website. It is powerful form of marketing. Powerful link bait can be an important long term competitive advantage.  

What are the popular types of attempted link bait ?  

Common link bait include news, social sharing. 

Other linkable assets are :

• Evergreen blog post/ article  

• Viral video  

• Helpful eBooks  

• Research Whitepapers  

• Embeddable sidebar widgets  

• Images and infographics  

• Contests and deals  

• Industry-specific calculators and  

• other content hooks  

Few common terms that are interchangeably used with link bait are viral content, quality content, epic content.  

Linkbait vs. Clickbait - Linkbait is content that people want to link back to whereas clickbait is content that people want to click on. Content can be both highly clickable and highly linkable.  

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