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Auction Insight

Auction Insights allows you to see information over keywords and even up to the campaign level. The Auction Insights option is available in the Details tab under Campaigns.The best thing about the auction insights report is that you can contrast your information and your competitors' information, and this capacity makes a great deal of different advantages.

Presently you can see metrics like, impression share, average position, overlap rate, position above rate, and top of page rate. With the help of the overlap rate, we can recognize which contender is running advertisements alongside our own. We can utilize the average position to decode regardless of whether they are showing signs of improvement rankings close by the position above rate. You need to ensure every day that you are not losing any business to your competitors. For that, you can do is continually check your keywords and do comparison with text ads.

Currently one inquiry we know we get a considerable measure through our PPC clients is "What amount are my competitors spending?". That has dependably been a hard inquiry to reply to, yet now we have somewhat more knowledge about those financial plans. We can utilize our impression share detail – for example, let’s say it’s 50%, and ours spend is INR 6,000. As per auction insights report, our competitor is on the top of the list and they have an impression share of 90%, then we can estimate that they are spending around INR 10,800.