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AMP or Accelerated Mobile Page is a static HTML page designed especially for mobile devices. It is a lightweight page which loads instantly. This protocol has been developed by Google and Twitter.

What makes AMP so fast?  

• Limited HTML tags on the page  

• Use of streamlined version of CSS  

• Standardised Javascript components  

• Page design to be heavily cached

Why should you be interested?  

The page loads instantly inside a mobile browser without a page refresh.  

Google prefers showing AMP versions of a page inside its result pages for mobile users.

How to go about it?  

•    Create an AMP directory and add an AMP version of your pages in it. Don’t forget to markup your content with structured data (helps in appearing in the carousel of rich results)

•    Add an AMP canonical tag on your regular page

•    Validate your AMP page here - AMP Validator

•    Submit in Google Search Console

•    List AMP pages in the XML sitemap  

On the below mentioned page:

Add the following tags:

More Information :