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AdWords Editor

Adwords Editor is a free offline Google tool allows the advertiser to make changes on a large scale. The advertiser can download one or multiple accounts through Adwords Editor, make changes in the existing campaign, create new campaigns and share these changes with others.

Adwords editor is an offline tool and it does not require an Internet connection and you can make changes in the campaigns even if you don’t have access to the internet. Once you have the access to the internet, you can post those changes to the account.

The advertiser can import changes via CSV file. The advertiser can export the complete account or a selected campaign, Ad group, keyword in a CSV file.

Adwords Editor has also many handy features like “Append or Replace,” “Multi Select,” "Find Duplicate Keywords”

Find duplicate keywords enable the advertiser to find duplicate keywords in the campaign. Replace and Append allows the advertiser to change the specific text in the keyword, ad copy, ad group or campaign.

Multi Select allows the selection of multiple campaigns, ad group’s ads or keywords and editing them all at once.

You can use shortcuts to make edits within the editor.

Adwords editor also allows you to check the changes before you post them.

You can also check the analytics for a particular campaign, ad group, ad copy or keyword in Adwords editor.