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Ad Extension

Ad Extension provides extra space in your ads where you can show additional information about your products and services such as location, contact number, price, and more. These extensions help to get more customers by making your ads more attractive and more informative to them.

Ad extensions help to improve your ads visibility. It helps to increase ROI by increasing quality score by making ads more relevant, increase CTR. A high-quality score means more clicks on low cost-per-click and high ads rank.

Here are the different types of ad extensions you can use in your ads to add more information about your business.

  • Sitelinks extensions: It allows you to promote additional landing pages below your standard ad text.
  • Callout extensions: Callout extensions are similar to Sitelink extensions, without the clickable links.
  • Structured snippet extensions: Highlight specific aspects of your products and services like Amenities, Brands, Courses, Degree programs, Destinations, Featured hotels, and more.
  • Call extensions: Call Extensions allow you to incorporate your phone number in your text ads, making it easier for customers to contact you directly.
  • Message extensions: Encourage people to send you text messages from your ad.
  • Location extensions: Location extensions allow you to incorporate your business address and telephone number into your ad.
  • Affiliate location extensions: It helps people find retail chain stores that sell your products.
  • Price extensions: It showcases your products and services with transparent pricing directly on the ad.
  • App extensions: It makes apps more accessible to searchers who are using tablets or mobile devices by providing a link to the app within the ad copy.
  • Review extensions: Review Extensions allow your customers to speak for you by annotating your text ad with a review from a Google Trusted Site.
  • Automated extensions report: Automated extensions improve the quality of your ad by adding additional information about your business to it (like links to your website) or changing its format. AdWords adds automated extensions to your text ads when it predicts that the extensions will improve your ad's performance. No setup is required.