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Ad Delivery (Accelerated)

The accelerated delivery method tries to show your ads more rapidly until your budget is over. With this option, your ads can stop showing early in the day if your budget is spent.

  • How it works: Accelerated delivery is optimized less. It spends your budget more rapidly, usually at the beginning of the day (i.e., 12:00 am). Because of this, accelerated delivery isn’t recommended for most advertisers. So if your campaign is limited by budget, your campaign may exhaust its average daily budget early in the day, causing your ad to stop showing for the rest of the day.
  • Why use it: Despite the fact that not recommended for most advertisers, you can utilize this technique if it's imperative to you that your ads begin appearing early in the day and all the more rapidly from there on, until your average daily budget is reached - regardless of whether they won't appear through the whole day.
  • What to expect: If your campaign is limited by budget, your ads will stop showing once you've reached the average daily budget assigned for that day. If you reach your budget limit early in the morning, your ad won't run again until the following day, so you might not see your ad each time you search for it, especially around evening time.