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Ad Delivery

  • A campaign's ad delivery method chooses how rapidly your ads are appeared and to what extent your budget keeps going during a given day.
  • The ad delivery method is significant in case your campaign is constrained by budget and showing the status “limited by budget” since it enables you to choose how rapidly you want your budget to be spent. The ad delivery method won’t be helpful if your campaign isn’t constrained by budget, since your budget is sufficiently high to empower your ads to serve all through the whole day.
  • "Standard" (the default setting for all campaigns; optimizes your budget by spending it for the duration of the day) or "Accelerated" (optimized less; it spends your budget more quickly, usually at the beginning of the day).

Standard Delivery: This delivery method is useful if you want to reach customers equitably throughout the entire day. If you have a low budget, this method also helps you avoid spending your whole budget at the beginning of the day.

Accelerated Delivery: In spite of the fact that it’s not suggested for most advertisers, you can utilize this method if it’s important to you that your ads start showing early in the day and more rapidly thereafter, until your normal every day budget is reached, regardless of whether they appear through the whole day.