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Web Design & Development

The process of developing a new website needs to start with the basics, at Envigo the approach is to understand and document the context and customer requirements. The use of extensions on existing code modules and development frameworks is preferred.

Context description
The internal context includes web analytics, BI and MIS reports and client guidelines (business goals, brand guidelines, past learning) to establish and prioritise business goals. The external context includes competitor and market review to draw on sector insights.

Requirement specification
Requirement gathering starts with client interviews and uses iterative reviews of the requirement document. This phase also branches out into writing out the technical requirements and user test cases.

Wireframes and design development
Wireframes are used to establish user and information flow and to ensure that the end-result be true to the requirements The website design is based on brand guidelines and wireframes and aims at achieving high usability.

Software development
Software development aims at using the right mix of new code and integration with available modules and frameworks to deliver a web application which is true to requirements.

Project Management
Project managers l drive the project to completion with regular updates, well-documented requirements and code manuals and thorough testing.

The website can vary - a micro site for a marketing campaign or a large, multi-lingual website for a large corporate – our approach is scalable to enable us to deliver as per customer requirements.

We also develop mobile and facebook apps.

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