Envigo Marketing Private Limited

Our Advisors

Innovation is the key driver in online marketing. Envigo looks up to its board of advisors for inspiration. Our advisors are leaders in this field in their own right - they manage the online presence of large brands. We have had the privilege of working with them and learning from them in the past.


We bounce our ideas off them.


Hichame Assi

Sitting quite comfortably between the dichotomy of Tech and Business, Hichame is currently Head of Strategy & Online Marketing at HotelsCombined.com. Hichame has 10 years experience in the online world, and has headed up eCommerce and Product Development teams in various organisations. His passion for the web borders on the excessive and his urge to share is one of the reasons he's co-founded this collaborative blog.


Based in Sydney, Hichame spends his private time, flirting with entrepreneurial ideas, empowering the Arab web, blogging, tweeting and consuming as much information as he can. He's also currently researching in the field of Open Innovation for his PhD.


Ciaran Lally

Ciaran Lally is currently based in Beijing as Asia CEO for Saongroup. The Saongroup operations currently employ almost 2,000 staff across 130 cities in China as part of it's online recruitment business.


Shaun Simons

With over 20 years within the travel industry he has an in depth knowledge of the online travel industry. Having worked for specialist tour operators, the CAA, and since 2000 at the fledgling cheapflights.com Shaun has been through every step of the online evolution. Shaun joined a team of 3 at Cheapflights shortly after an investor buy in, and has been instrumental in the success of the company which now numbers 100+, and continues to remain profitable. With wide ranging responsibilities ranging through product, commercial and IT Shaun continues to act as a business consultant¬Ě and as Head of Business Development continues to help define and develop product, whilst still enjoying wide ranging commercial responsibilities.