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Mobile App

The Mobile Web is growing at a phenomenal pace, and it is forecast to overtake the desktop web in 2014. More users will access the Internet through a mobile phone rather than a PC or laptop from 2014. Customers expect brands to be present on the mobile phone – either through mobile applications or through mobile websites.

Our approach helps our clients make informed decisions on platform choice and app features.

The platforms supported by us include Android, iOS and Symbian. We also make mobile websites using XHTML and HTML5.

Envigo's approach in mobile applications is unique. Our team is focused on developing capabilities across platforms in the following mobile utilities:

Location-aware services
Use of GPS or network based location awareness to personalize content, add utility or tag content which is being shared

Augumented reality
Use of information overlays on the camera feed to display personalized information in an immersion environment.

Mobile authentication
Use of QR and NFC for providing authentication services

Push notifications
Use of notifications and alerts to send timely updates about marketing promotions and other information

Maps and information layers
Use of Google maps with information layers

XML integration Integrating web information with the mobile using XML feeds

We have just completed our first preliminary patent application in the field of mobile based authentication services.

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