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Blogger TLDs have changed!

A lot of Indian blogs on blogger seem to have had their TLDs changed from .com to .in. We picked this up today morning and are investigating to see if this is a widespread issue. Strangely, not too many others are talking about this on the internet or blogosphere. It might be because blogger quiety redirects the browser from the original .com URL to the new .in URL. Is this a country specific thing or only in India? India has been known to be a source of a lot of web spam. Blogger is but naturally a victim of such spammy content. This writer’s personal blog was affected – so if they are really looking at spammy, promotional content before deciding to move TLDs, they need to look harder!

Designing our way into 2012

2011 was a super year for us. We enjoyed it very much working with our prestigious clients and with our colleagues. There were a lot of things to learn – in UI design, UX, new technologies and the team showed a good positive spirit.

Some of the websites designed by the team in 2011 were www.clubitc.in, microsite for ITC Grand Chola hotel, (first seven star hotel in India by ITC Hotels), microsite for Condenast Traveller and for the Glamour websites (both of these are leading brands in the UK in their respective fields), Maxbupa & many more. We got great feedback for some of this work.

We also designed our first mobile apps and mobile websites – m.itchotels.in, m.welcombreak.com, site for ITC Grand Chola,  Maxbupa mobile apps for Android market

Another area where we started off afresh was in the design of Facebook applications. Now, by the end of the year, we have a good portfolio of work as well as loads of experience designing facebook applications.

Training and development was an important factor contributing to our ability to plunge into new areas. HTML 5, Jquery and CSS3 were the topics we spent our time on. This helps us in designing the layouts on latest & internationally accepted trends.

One of the challenges we faced in 2011 was hiring – rapid growth led to a need for increasing the size of the team.

In 2012, I am quite confident that we will be in a good position to leverage our new competencies. We will continue to work closely with the development team at Envigo to deliver compelling concepts across multiple platforms – web, social and mobile.